How to Win at Roulette? 


Roulette has been popular worldwide as an independent casino game for over 300 years. The idea of developing a roulette strategy that allows the player to beat the casino is no less old than the game itself. In the long history of roulette, a variety of different systems and playing techniques have been invented and tested in practice. In this article we will tell you about the best roulette strategies.

Ways to win at Roulette
According to statistics from various casinos and many surveys among players, the top 10 are the best roulette strategies:

Systems for playing simple roulette odds:
Martingale strategy
Anti-Martingale-System (Parlay-Strategy)
DAlembert system
Anti-dAlembert system
Labouchere and Anti-Labouchere systems
Donald's strategy with Nathanson's changes
Fibonacci strategy
Systems for playing on the main playing field:
Two-Thirds System (Law of Distribution)
Biarritz system (Makarov strategy)
Counter-Biarritz system
How can you win at casino roulette?
Is it possible to win in a casino by playing roulette according to the rules of the listed strategies and systems? This is how beginners usually formulate the question, without specifying other important and significant conditions of the game on which the option of the correct answer depends.

There is no purely mathematical roulette strategy that would allow the player to completely eliminate losses. Moreover, no single betting strategy can influence the mathematical profitability of a game.

In extremely rare cases and purely for technical reasons, roulette wheels in certain establishments may deviate from the even distribution of the numbers drawn.

This phenomenon is called roulette wheel addiction and there is a Counter Biarritz system that is best suited for playing against casinos where addictive wheel roulette has been identified. But even this strategy, like all others, does not exclude the luck factor in the game.

At every ball start - the player is constantly in danger of winning and losing - this game is called roulette for a reason.

All mathematical systems and strategies for roulette were developed by the players themselves.

The main idea and advantage of a certain strategy in the game is that the player gets the opportunity to control the expenditure of the game according to his choice and to plan his gambling more consciously.


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